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Pei, otherwise known as Accompany in English, is what we strive to do - to go through your Wedding Day with you. We are dedicated to being the trusty pair of hands and eyes you need, turning your wedding vision into reality!




Peiyi has been involved in the wedding scene as early as 2013, and her journey has been fueled with passion ever since. Prior to carving out a brand of her own in 2019, she was under the mentorship of a few renowned planners.

Today, she strives to keep up with the latest wedding trends and industry practices by constantly upgrading her skills with the help of online materials and courses conducted by accredited bodies.


She has, and will always be, dedicating herself to create your perfect wedding. 

Showing you the things you don't usually see.

Here are some behind the scenes of a Wedding Planner/Coordinator.

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