Every wedding is unique and special to us. We manage each one of them with our hearts and souls, in hopes that you will be able to feel it. Many shared their experiences and we trust that you will be one of them in time to come.


Let us do our best, and more, for you.

Deborah & Nelson

Peiyi was the overall coordinator for my wedding dinner. Having her manage the biggest day of my life was one of my best wedding decisions because I knew that I could have an absolute peace of mind.

Being proficient in event organising myself, I needed someone I could trust to deliver the same standards if not higher. In an hour meeting with her prior to the wedding, she quickly absorbed all the details of my requirements and even provided very useful advice to enhance the wedding programme. Furthermore, her friendly and cheery personality as well as her calm and professional demeanour made her super fun and easy to communicate with! I knew I was in good hands!

On the actual day, she was punctual and literally managed everything from my vendors, to my emcee, to the live band, to the hotel and manpower management of my 12 bridesmaids and groomsmen. It was a massive military dinner and things were bound to happen, but she acted on any crop ups efficiently that no one even noticed. Many of my guests and family were praising how much they enjoyed the evenings programme because it was so smooth.

Unfortunately, one of the vendors I engaged was not delivering what they promised, but she acted on it immediately and even helped me with getting a refund after the wedding. Being the bride, I was not there to witness everything but I am so grateful that she was my eyes and ears.

Thanks Peiyi! You were an absolute star that night and really exceeded expectations. My mum and all my bridesmaids and groomsmen loves you!!!

Fiona & Pierre

We first got to know Peiyi through our wedding photographer, who highly recommended her. As our wedding was around the corner with quite a tight schedule for the actual day, we thought Peiyi could help with at least the timekeeping. Happy to say that we couldn't be more wrong in terms of Peiyi's contribution.

From the first meeting, we could tell she was the very essence of "cool and collected". She highlighted questions in our program flow we never thought about, and gaps in duties we assumed our bridal party would take on. While a project manager may be able to mitigate such issues through solid planning, most of us don't plan such large scale events and that's where Peiyi really came in.

She had an immediate solution to each of these lapses - it either fell onto Peiyi herself to perform these duties or like a shift scheduler, she assessed and assigned them to someone in our bridal party who appeared to be available at the time. Onerous things like timekeeping, holding onto emergency items, reminding who needed to be where, were all sportingly taken up by Peiyi

Even the audiovisual duty typically assigned to a groomsman was also well-coordinated between Peiyi and the hotel staff. She also liaised with all our major vendors - hotel and banquet managers, make up artists, photographers, wedding band, emcee, to the point where we literally only needed to speak with her, and things got executed flawlessly.

My wife and I cannot express enough how thankful we are for Peiyi to be there with us on our big day. Our only regret was not knowing her earlier because that would have alleviated the many headaches we had in the planning process.

We count ourselves very fortunate to have such a competent and understanding wedding coordinator, thank you Peiyi!

Serene & Brendan

She was the to-go person 1 month before my wedding and for my big day from 6am to 11pm (I still have no idea how she can be still SO ENERGETIC AT 10pm settling my logistics)

Running through my itinerary with her for a million times have greatly helped the planning of my big day. She asked many crucial questions to get me thinking for the possible hiccups that could happen. She was the eagle eye to my big day and many hoohas had been avoided thanks to her foresight.

I am thankful for her presence on the day itself as all I had to ask was “everything ok?” And the answer is always ok (it could probably be NOT ok but she sure knows how to pacify a bride).

She ran the show in the morning, ensuring that my tea ceremonies and photo-taking sessions were all well within the time frame. She was flexible in settling the delays and ensuring that nothing over ran much.

She rushed in the afternoon, to check my ballroom, to check logistics and to ensure that the dinner banquet was all ready for the happiest day of my life!

She watched the wedding with the heart of a girlfriend, the precision of a coordinator and the hunger of a chief of slave. I am immensely thankful to have her by my side and knowing that she is there, is the greatest gift of the night!

And here you are, asking yourself, “Do you need her?”
And here I am telling you, “YES YOU DO.”

Irene & Hwee Sheng

To both me and my husband, Peiyi is not just a Wedding Coordinator but a friend who genuinely gives her all to ensure everything goes smoothly on our special day!! We are both super thankful and glad that we entrusted Peiyi with this!!

As I am the first among my friends to be getting married, there were many areas which I am lost/fail to consider but Peiyi was always there to provide guidance and advice. Even during late night plannings when all of us are exhausted, she never failed to make us feel assured and confident that our wedding will go on smoothly (even in the midst of the current COVID-19 situation).

Indeed with her around, it relieved us of the duties having to liaise with various vendors and also ensuring all logistics are managed to be able to properly enjoy our wedding! She handled each situation with composure and ensured that each of our brothers and sisters is well aware of their roles. I felt super well taken care of, I did not have to worry about what’s next because Peiyi was around to ensure all of these.

Would highly recommend Peiyi to all you brides-to-be out there if you need someone whom you can rely and entrust your big day with (so you can focus on looking pretty)! Once again, thank you Peiyi for allowing us to focus on enjoying our special day, ensuring everything goes smoothly and that the event is a success!

Carol & Colbert

I first came across Peiyi's page on my wedding photographer's Instagram story and got curious because of the name "PEI". I started chatting with her on Instagram and she was super enthusiastic and friendly! We were initially a little apprehensive about getting a wedding coordinator as ours was a quite a small and cosy wedding reception and we thought we didn't really need one, but decided to go ahead anyway as we wanted to have someone liaise with the vendors on our behalf on our wedding day. And it was the best decision ever!

Peiyi is very detailed and meticulous - she raised many questions that we would have never thought about when we showed her our draft wedding program.

About three weeks prior to our wedding, we were thinking of postponing our banquet due to concerns about COVID-19. She immediately helped to check with our vendors if they were still comfortable with proceeding and she also checked with our hotel coordinator on the additional measures taken by the hotel to ensure the safety of all guests. We decided to proceed in the end although there were quite a few dropouts along the way. Pei Yi was also super patient with our constant changing of guest list/seating arrangement.

On the actual wedding day, Peiyi and Elysia were truly the MVPs... they made sure everything was set up according to our agreement with the vendors, and that everything was on schedule and running smoothly. They even managed to always be within sight so I can ask for help whenever help was needed! We also started our banquet on the dot at 12.30pm, which is pretty rare for Chinese wedding banquets!

For all of the above, we are immensely thankful and grateful for Pei, and we really wouldn't have enjoyed our wedding day so much if not for our MVPs! Now it is my belief that a wedding coordinator is needed at every wedding, big or small!

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