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i l l u s t r a t i o n

Coordinating weddings, illustrating stories.


We thought of how best to share the love stories of our couples in a less conventional fashion - which led to the debut of the illustration arm under Pei.weddings.


Create an illustration uniquely yours and showcase it as part of your wedding decor, or use it as a phone wallpaper to counter the post-wedding blues.


We illustrate anything in your core memories.

Submit your order HERE

You will be required to log in to your email account prior to filling out the form, in order for us to match the submission with your uploaded photo for illustration.

Pei.weddings couples are entitled to 10% off final bill.


For any inquiries or technical assistance,

you may email us at


1 x 1:1 digital file for IG posts, and

1 x 9:16 digital file for IG stories/phone wallpaper

(Both files are in default white background)



Base rate

S$15 for 1 human/pet/item

Add-on rates

S$5 for additional human/pet/item etc.

S$5 for coloured background of your choice

S$5 for any additional iteration

S$5 to remove Pei's logo


min. S$10 for complex objects/background

(To be quoted upon review of selected photo)



No further changes upon submission of photo(s)

2 complimentary iterations per illustration

Pei's signature illustration style only

Processing time of up to 3 and 5 days for off-peak and peak periods respectively


Mobile   |   8912 6962
Instagram   |   @pei.weddings
Email   |
Website   |
Facebook   |   PEI 陪

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